The Best Ways to Spend Your Time as a Senior

Helping Yourself and Helping Others

Who says you can’t have fun in your golden years? This is the prime time to get around to the things in life that you didn’t have time for before. If you are retired, consider taking time to travel or pick up a new hobby. If you are feeling active or want to spend some time giving back to the community, there are plenty of volunteer and community service programs in any state.

What Can You Do for the Community?

Many seniors in LA, California have found ways to help others while getting paid. In an area with such a high cost of living, volunteering could actually cost you money with the commuting back and forth. One program, called Seniors Helping Seniors, allows the older active population to help their peers in need at an hourly way. Click here to learn more about this home care in Los Angeles Ca. Whether you are interested in volunteer work or a paid way of helping people, there are many ways to give back.

What Can You Do Just For You?

Don’t feel any shame in taking this time to reflect on your own life and ways of making improvements. For instance, many people have spent their entire lives working jobs solely for the financial benefits. We interviewed one senior, Joe, who explains how retirement allowed him to take some time to do something he could never do before.

“When I was younger, I decided to go into the pharmaceutical field because it was a stable industry that would provide a good life for my family. Although I did enjoy learning chemistry in college and applying what I had learned to help other people, it didn’t reflect senior paintingwho I truly was. I am an extremely creative person who was too busy with my job to spend time on my artwork.” Joe explained. “Now that I have retired, I spend many of my days painting. Better yet, I sell my paintings as some extra income or give them away as presents during the Holiday season.”

Joe continued to say that he is now happier than he has been at any other point in his life. “I finally have the time and money to focus on doing things that bring the most joy to my life.”

What are you truly passionate about? Now might be the best time to get started finding and exploring your dreams.